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Leaky Hose PipeSolution

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For the first time, visualise every decision made about your university, from enquiry to enrolment.

Every student interaction is a chance for them to change their mind.

We’ve devised a 28-leak analysis of the flow of students through your pipeline.

overall flow of students

So patch those leaks with our insight

Access to unique UCAS data science to manage your performance and monitor your competitors with expert embedded marketing consultancy to design and deliver your leak improvements

competitor leaks competitor leaks

Dive into leaks with unique sector and competitor comparisons.

Your portfolio is key to understanding your performance.

UCAS analysts will highlight the subjects where you can find quick wins, those where you need to make up ground, and those which are doing you more harm than good.

Application health of your top 15 subject lines (2019 vs 2015)

recruitment portfolio health

From a sprinkle to a surge: who is leading the race?

Understand the differences that matter in the market.

recruitment portfolio health

Year-on-year performance comparison, between you and your most important competitors.

We can identify whether any of their leaks can benefit your student recruitment, and help you repair the holes which might be running to your rivals.

By fully understanding how your actions influence your leads, small adjustments can make big differences.

Turn the taps on for 2022

A full-scale management review which visualises your recruitment journey, backed by marketing consultancy to recommend campaigns and tactics to plug your leaks allowing you to influence future student decision-making.

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